Teen Challenge Training Center
Ronny-Davis I just wanted to write a letter showing you how grateful I am for all of the staff for introducing my father, Ronny Davis to the Lord. Let me tell you about how my dad was before he came to Teen Challenge. My dad never would work, or go to church with us when we asked him to come.
Also he was never home to be a good father to my sister and I, or a good husband to my mother. Every time he was out there would be no answer when we would call his cell phone. He would always take money from my mom. And he would make fun of my mom and I praying.
He would usually make fun of anything my mom and I said about the Lord. Also he would go out and come back to ask for more money, and my mom would say no, and they would start to argue and my dad would get aggravated and punch holes in the walls. Then we would go to the car (my mom and I) and we would see ashes everywhere, and it would stink in the car, and I would often find crack pipes under a flap in the seat.
But now the difference in my father is like night and day. When I see my dad now his whole attitude has changed. He is happy to see my mom, sister, and me. I also see that my dad is not afraid to say the Lord saved him and that he believes in Him.
Now he sings in the choir, the same songs he used to make fun of. He got baptized, and did his testimony in front of a lot of people. This is something I thought he would never do. He does work around the Philly house.
He praises and worships the Lord with my mom during chapel service. He even prays for my mom, my sister and me out loud.
MY DAD ACTUALLY PRAYS FOR US! I know my dad has gotten in trouble a few times, but most of the time he follows the rules even if he doesn't like them. My mom says that's a miracle in itself.
Every week we would be allowed to come we would check the discipline sheet and we would be so proud of him that his name was hardly ever on it. Even though I have missed my dad for the past few weeks and it's hard for him to be away, my mom says it's going to all be worth it.
I just wanted to let you all know the job you do at Teen Challenge really matters. It matters to our family and the families of the other students. You guys and the program itself gives us hope when we didn't have any.
Thank you for helping the Lord change my dad and not giving up on him and sending him to jail. I can't wait to see my dad's graduation to the mountain. I know that without Jesus working through Teen Challenge my dad would have died or been in jail.
Thank you everyone (sorry I can't remember all your names) for the work you do and the families you help save. May God bless, and I hope you guys continue your work forever. If I was a millionaire I would give you all the money I had.
Thank you Philadelphia Teen Challenge.
Matthew Davis