Tribute to David Wilkerson
Founder of Teen Challenge
Teen Challenge Training Center
We understand that moral development and spiritual development go hand-in-hand.
Teen Challenge is committed to enabling and equipping those we serve to find freedom from addictive behavior, to become socially and emotionally healthy, physically well and spiritually alive.
Philadelphia Teen Challenge is a type of "spiritual boot camp" for men and women who want to be free from life-controlling habits and become alive in God. It will not be easy; in fact, completing the program (approx. 12-14 months) will probably be the most rewarding thing you have ever done in your life.
The Induction Phase (Phase I) is 4-6 months, and then you will be transferred to the Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania (Phase II) for the remainder of 6-8 months.
Phase I moves you from "at risk" surroundings, confront the opportunity to live drug-free and make basic life decisions in a structured environment.
Recovery begins with a change in behavior and the elimination of binding life-controlling habits.
Teen Challenge offers not only environmental change, but also practical life skills to cope with the root issues of your addiction. Our focus is to address the underlying issues that drive an active addiction to continue.
The one-year discipleship process begins through the teaching of God's Word. Our instructors teach the Word to our students and how to apply it. Students are taught how to develop a relationship with God. They learn what it means to live and walk by faith, the importance of family, work, and church attendance.
In addition to in-house counselors and 24-hour staff, there are group studies, character studies and personal studies in the academic division and job skills training in the vocational division.
Throughout the one-year experience tools such as: GED, job skills and vocational training are focused upon to assist in re-entering society as productive and healthy individuals.
The best way to describe our program is that of an interactive DVD presentation. We come into any youth setting and set up our equipment (or use in-house stuff if already in place) and "crank it up". "Stay Sharp; Think About It" is basically a movie that shows the reality, dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse and many other cultural issues teens are facing. We use the power of personal testimony to "keep it real" by allowing our students to share their stories. To sum it up Stay S.H.A.R.P. is about Sharing Hope with At Risk People.
"Engaging youth through a visual encounter. Educating youth on current issues, including drugs, alcohol and cultural pressures. Equipping youth with hope."
We feel that if we don't reach the young people of our generation and show them the right way someone else will show them the wrong way. Our vision is when we come into an atmosphere with teens that we can leave knowing and seeing teens make the decision to either change their life or walk away learning something."
We encourage the church to conduct a period of praise and worship immediately prior to the beginning of the presentation. A love offering for Teen Challenge is at the discretion of the church and would be most appreciated in helping us with our ongoing mission to bring this important outreach to our community. Simply put, the "Stay Sharp" educates, encourages and empowers our youth for today's world.
Since 1958, Teen Challenge has been on the forefront and cutting edge of reaching youth, adults and families in need of drug/alcohol treatment. It is the purpose of Teen Challenge to reach those with life-controlling problems, and to initiate the mentoring process to the point where the student can function as healthy, well-adjusted and productive individuals in society.
Over forty years later, the vision and mission remains the same, although some methods have changed. Due to our great demand of treatment for substance abuse for teens, we have found the need to begin a drug prevention program. "STAY SHARP" is designed to reach youth in schools and other agencies in our communities.
The primary elements of the presentation are as follows:
  • Introduction/explanation of the Teen Challenge program by the Director and/or other qualified staff member.
  • DVD movie called "Think about it".
  • Question/Answer period at conclusion.
We encourage the school to prepare the audience and give a proper introduction. An honorarium for Teen Challenge is at the discretion of the school and would be most appreciated in helping us with our ongoing mission to bring this most important message to youth. Simply put, the "Stay Sharp" program seeks to educate, encourage and empower youth.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us. (link to Tomika Vines contact info)
Intervention/After Care
We hold weekly support group meetings such as Turning Point. Turning Point's purpose is to assist the local community in establishing an effective, on going, biblically based, small group ministry to help people overcome and/or remain free of life-controlling problems.
Turning Point groups desire is to apply the truths of Scripture to the struggles that we face in order that we may grow in our relationship with God and experience growing freedom from the "corruption in the world caused by evil desires" (II Peter 1:4 NIV).
Teen Challenge E-Training
The purpose of the Teen Challenge E-Training site is to provide distance learning for Teen Challenge staff, graduates, and others who may desire to help those with life controlling problems.
I Dare You will help unlock the mystery surrounding the bondage to drugs, alcohol, and sin. It will enable you to look at your own issues rather than the issues of others. I Dare You will stir within you the need to change from self justification to owning responsibility and will take you to God's healing power that will set you free.
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